16 marca 2017


LifeSkills Patronage

Invitation to the original concept of a life-useful high school – educating the next Polish generation.

We seek a Patron, who would like to support the rolling out of our innovative educational, social and scientific mission, focused on: market usefulness. The LifeSkills Foundation is a teal organization that supports the tradition of reinforcing family capital. For several years, the Foundation has been an active mentoring and medical centre working to promote and support succession and individual succession planning schemes.

Our intent is to acquire funds and resources for realization of the LifeSkills Foundation statutory goals. They include, more particularly, extension of the High School inventory, support for talented students, implementation of projects extending our educational curriculum, equipment of the Emergency Medicine Education Centre and Young Talent Manufacture.

If you’re interested in more information about the LifeSkills Patronage please contact our foundation team

Robert Krool


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